Free pickup

Our pickup service is completely free of charge, with no requirements regarding quantity, washing, or sorting. We also offer to pick up your donation at a day and hour of your convenience. Naturally we also provide an online-based scheduling service through our website, as well as customer service over the phone.

The Biodynamic Way

Our corporate identity is closely linked to our vision of an eco-friendly, open-handed society. Once you’ve made your contribution we transmit your clothes and textiles to our cooperation partner GénéraleGroupe de Distribution – and they in turn ensure that your textiles are either recycled or donated to those in need through humanitarian non-governmental organizations.


We proudly offer pre-scheduled, free donation pickups for business-owners, for whom flexibility is key and regularity is absolutely necessary. Regardless of whether you’re the proud owner of a vintage clothes shop who needs help handling excess donations, or your company has decided to switch uniforms and you want to recycle the old ones – we’re here to help.

Placement of bins

We strive to accommodate your needs – therefore we offer housing cooperatives, workplaces, and schools free deployments of donations bins as well as regular pickups.
Place your order for our free of charge bin-and-pickup service over the phone or through our website.